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RECOMMENDATION Marketing The online recommendation platform Sobu, founded by Swiss Post, has been in place since 2016 continued by its inventor Roberto D’Elia. In an interview with MK he reveals his expansion plans, the Advantages of recommendation marketing and the planned innovations in “Sobu 7.0

The online recommendation platform Sobu was founded in 2011 by the Swiss Post founded. How does the balance fall after five Years from? ROBERTO D’ELIA With Sobu could the Swiss Post a new one Form of use of social Networks for customers as well as for the shop owner. Take advantage of this opportunity currently over 220 online shops and over 62,000 users. The conversion Rate is over 20 percent – which is a proud value and hardly with a classic marketing campaign can be achieved. This strengthens our conviction and vision that the future of marketing the digital Word-of-mouth is. MK What are the advantages of the Advertising form «recommendation»? D’ELIA Numerous studies have shown that consumers have the classic forms of advertising pay less attention. So are for example the click rates dramatically for online ads sunk. Also have in Switzerland various affiliate Networks withdrawn from business. That strengthens ours Theory that the consumer excessively and too often with unnecessary and ineffective advertising is covered. this leads to to the fact that the consumer always more on the honest recommendation leaves from his friends. With our business model we do just that – we put the most believable all sellers, consumers, in focus.

Why is it worth it for one Online shop to be there at Sobu? With Sobu every online shop can the traffic on his website in a natural way increase: by recommending from convinced customers. So he can win new customers and thus increase sales, without generating fixed costs – because Sobu works purely on a performance basis. Because of the high visibility on social media will be automatic the level of awareness increased, and completely in vain. The emerging issues like cookies and ad blocking, are not an issue with Sobu, because the entire process is session-based. MK The company plans to start To start in Germany in 2017. What are the reasons for that? D’ELIA Sobu was never made for just one Market developed. Us was clear from the start that the right one Sobu’s success with only one international scaling possible is because the Swiss online Market is very limited and from the two powers Coop and Migros is ruled. Simultaneously it makes us proud that one from these two powers has communicated to us the intention that they have something similar to Sobu will develop. This is a further proof to us that Sobu a marketing tool for Future is and it is at the same time also a driver, the innovations to advance at Sobu.

In parallel with this expansion the internet platform “Sobu 3.0 »launched, which is expected will go live in Q1 2017. What are the most important innovations? D’ELIA The big innovations are mainly in the field of Usability and availability too Find. We have over the Year our users to diverse Topics asked. This feedback flowed directly into the development and be with the new Platform. Besides that we realize under the Project name “ubiquitous” Sobu also in the physical channel. What does this mean in concrete terms? D’ELIA That means that you are new to Sobu also in a restaurant or in one Retail store as in the online Apply and recommend business can. The opening up of the e-commerce market just the beginning. The goal is that Integration of the entire commerce (online & offline). More on this I can’t and don’t want to betray. But you can look forward to it be what is to come. In the end we already have thanks our pioneering spirit in this area. What other novelties and expansions are in the future planned? D’ELIA The social media market is changing very quickly. Waiting is not an option for Sobu. With the new platform 3.0 we will as sobu Group AG in the first place Step especially in German-speaking Space to gain a foothold. With more than 18 million potential Sobu users in Germany (according to the GfK study 2015) opens for Sobu a very attractive market. The e-commerce volume of over 80 billion in Germany also speaks also for rapid expansion. In in the USA we plan to do one License partner probably the most important E-commerce market in the year To open in 2017. Also are we convinced the asian Market at the beginning of a very strong one Digitization and one E-commerce boom is here. With the Mark market entry in Germany we presence and the intention, a leading role in social To take over commerce.


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The consumer is covered

RECOMMENDATION Marketing The online recommendation platform Sobu, founded by Swiss Post, has been in place…

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