sobu starts in Philippines

Swiss affiliate marketing platform sobu partners with Avanza, Inc. and MyKartero for PH expansion

Manila, Philippines – sobu, a Swiss affiliate marketing platform, recently marked its milestone Asian expansion with its Philippine launch in partnership with Avanza, Inc., a leading customer-relationship management (CRM) solutions provider, and MyKartero, a self-service private shipping service. sobu is a unique performance-based referral system built on the “buy – share – earn” principle that enables customers to profit whenever they post their purchases on social media and convert a sale among their networks.


Roberto D’Elia, CEO & Founder of sobu, said, “After establishing ourselves as an effective sales driver for European brands, this collaboration in a new market will help us expand our mission to deliver an innovative and cost-effective solution that truly engages one customer to another. Together with Avanza, Inc. and MyKartero, both pioneers in their respective industries, we will customize and enhance sobu’s ecosystem journey based on the needs of local brands and the demand of Filipino consumers.”


He underscored that the Philippines is a key market for the Company due to its prolific social media usage and strong appreciation for referrals. Target audience firm GWI’s recent survey reported 56 percent of Filipino consumers are more likely to buy due to reviews from other customers, around 60 percent higher than the global average. The same survey found that about one in two Filipinos are motivated to advocate for a brand in exchange for rewards.


sobu strategically combines referral marketing, affiliates, couponing, and cashback in a single platform with guaranteed security and data protection. It currently houses 220 partner brands and over 100,000 users globally, generating an average of 13 million social views per year. The Company targets to bring aboard over 100 local merchants in the next 12 months.


Yayu Javier, President & COO of Avanza, Inc., shared, “The pandemic has challenged brand loyalty due to recurring lockdowns that affect consumer behavior and supply chain. Consumers today tend to get what is readily available near them. For this reason, loyalty programs have become more crucial than ever to maintain relationships with customers. sobu’s innovative and digital-first approach empowers brands to meaningfully reach consumers through authentic experiences.”


Arlene Martinez, President and CEO of MyKartero, also added, “Addition of Filipino brands to sobu’s global merchant network allows us to further support local enterprises through economical and fast merchandise distribution anywhere in the world.”

sobu has consistently exhibited its expertise with numerous awards and recognitions from both public and private sectors. A year before its official business launch, sobu was nominated as the “Best in General E-Commerce” at the 2015 eCommerce Awards for Excellence in London. It continued to receive distinctions ever since, including the “Coolest Startup” and “Tripadvisor of Shopping” accolades at WorldWebForum in Zurich, as well as the “Top 100 Company” and “UBER of Advertising” recognition at the 2018 Global Startup Exhibition by Startup Grind. Switzerland’s innovation agency Inosuisse also selected sobu as one of the most promising companies. Following its Philippine launch, the Company is set to expand in India next year.


sobu starts in Philippines

Swiss affiliate marketing platform sobu partners with Avanza, Inc. and MyKartero for PH expansion Manila,…

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