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No advertising is more credible and effective than the recommendation of a friend and sobu is based on this belief.

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About us

Staying true to our motto of «from us – for you – for everyone», we are committed to ensuring a win-win situation is guaranteed for everyone involved. Our success team comprises:

Roberto D'Elia

CEO & Founder

Roberto has experience in marketing since 25 years. He holds an HF degree in Business Administration and gained brand management experience at Heineken. He invented the idea of sobu when he worked as Head of Agency Consulting at Swiss Post. In 2016 he took over the the spin-off and founded the company. Roberto is responsible for the strategy, business development and finance.

Lukas Lücke


Lukas discovered his passion for IT early, and started developing websites at age 8. He has since gained experience in various fields of technology and programming, as well as development and process automation. Before joining sobu he worked as a senior software / devops engineer on major swiss e-commerce platforms.